Inner power – The key to bloom life

Prana, Chi, Qi and many others are the names that are given to power which makes us alive and present alongside being aware of our surroundings. Everyone possesses a unique energy which is considered to be the driving force of their motive. It is this force which helps us rise above every situation and struggle. But the modern day scenario places negligible importance to this force. We are so busy obtaining powers from external sources that we forgot that real power resides within us. Everyone is born to release their inner power. Centuries back, our ancestors had power which can now be only described as – extraordinary. They used to accomplish things which we, in modern time, can only imagine to. Some of their incredible powers include talking to each other via telepathy, talk to those who have gone above physical plane and conduct healings using energy medicine.

It’s their inner power which helped them accomplish wonders. We are the same breed our ancestors were and the only thing we need to do in order to accomplish incredible things is to harvest inner power. For enhancing and harvesting inner power, we need to be aware of the source of energy that provides strength, stability, and serenity to our soul.

It’s not an easy job to harness the inner power but once you have done that, you will gain the courage to go on the path of your calling with the confidence. It will let you discover your life because you will realize nobody can have power over you. If inner power is strong, no outer storm can break in and destabilize the life. People have created the life they wanted with this inner power because they realized that no thoughts, flashbacks, hurdles, struggles, or any other outer storm can stop them. With the mindset that there is no other power superior to inner one, you will stop trying to prioritize other powers which you might have given preference to.

It is a state of mind which can be enhanced if we wish to do so. The number one thing which our ancestors did was meditation. Meditation is the rarely done thing in modern days. We are so messed up in the rat race that we forget to take time for ourselves and work on the inner power. Meditation improves our focus while enhancing mental capability. The other thing which we can do in this utterly complicated world to harness inner power is to breathe deeply. Breathing helps us in thinking more clearly and having a clear vision. The most important thing to enhance inner power is facing hurdles. You have to face hurdles with confidence and mindset that no hurdle is going to stop you.

Your inner power waits to be discovered and the quickly you discover it, the better it is. History is full of examples of legends that have harnessed this power with sheer hard work and gained what they wanted. You will do much more than you think once you have discovered your inner power. Be separated from the rat race by improvising and harnessing the inner power.


An enthusiastic, self-motivated and sympathetic theta healing professional, who has worked with over 400 clients from various demographic and cultural backgrounds and restructured their life in a much positive and spiritual way. Seema Singal has guided many with physical issues, emotional issues like depression, fear, trauma, addiction and even financial and soul mate issues.

Having worked with hundreds of clients in last 10 years, Seema Singal has gained sufficient recognition as a great healer and public speaker. She is the reason why people who have been in issues like stress, depression, abuse etc. have gained confidence, boosted morality, support and happiness. Her clients originates from various cities like Kolkata, New Delhi, Hong Kong, UAE, London, US to name a few.


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